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Last update: 30.01.2010



This site describes our water rockets made of simple plastic soda bottles and some other stuff that can be found around the house.

Even though construction is simple one should not underestimate the power of these rockets. A one-liter bottle 1/3 full of water, pressurized to 5 bar, will reach a speed of approx. 40 m/s (150 km/h; 90 mph) when being released. It will start tumbling  through the air for a few seconds reaching an altitude of 20 to 30 meters before it returns to ground. 

If you follow some basic aerodynamic rules, add fins and a nose cone to your rocket, you'll be amazed how high it will go. We couldn't believe it before we tried it ourselves. That was the day when MB-water-rockets was established.

Our site is still under construction but we do our best to bring it up to date.

Have fun!