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    Nozzle Design

    We use Gardena threaded tap connectors to build our nozzles. They are cheap and available in almost every hardware store. With a diameter of approx. 9 mm they limit the thrust which means less drag and stress on the rocket.
    Building a launcher for the tap connector is easy by using its counterpart, the threaded hose connector.

    Since there are already various tutorials available on the web we just put links here rather than copying them.

    Nozzles of type "A" are made up of a 3/4" threaded tap connector and a bottle cap with a center hole. A very nice tutorial created by Air Command water rockets.

    Nozzles of type "B" are made up of a 1" threaded tap connector in which the bottle cap has been glued with epoxy. It is somewhat heavier and its outer diameter is bigger. In return it can hold a pressure of more than 16 bar  (~230 psi). A tutorial can be found in the German water rocket forum.