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    Parachute Design

    The parachute we currently use is made of a yellow garbage bag, in Germany well known as "Gelber Sack". It comes for free and is very light.

    With a diameter of 75 cm and a center hole of 10 cm we achieve a reasonable vertical speed of approx. 3 to 4 m/s. This was simulated with a dummy load of about 500 grams. Opening is very reliable and fast.

    The holes along the edge are reinforced with tape. This avoids damage to the parachute in case of late deployment and thus strong forces to the connection between parachute and strings.

    In order to keep the parachute round we use 16 pieces of discarded kite string. Each of them is about 60 cm long.

    The connection between the strings and the rocket is done with a little steel key ring. This allows us to easily remove the parachute if necessary.